Moscatel de Setúbal Venancio Costa...

Moscatel de Setúbal Venancio Costa Lima 0.75LT


Coming from grapes grown in a region with a unique terroir, this winery has over the years produced excellent examples of this fortified wine, which it identifies as a worthy standard-bearer and representative of this region.

Born from one of the most aromatic grape varieties in the world, this wine represents the young variety, with very intense and unmistakable aromas.

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Moscatel de Setúbal or Alexandria.


12 °C for appetizers and 14 °C for desserts.


It undergoes a short fermentation in contact with the skins, which is interrupted by the addition of selected wine brandy. This is followed by a period of maceration for 5 to 6 months, achieving a complete extraction of aromas and flavors. It is then transferred and its masses pressed. 2 year internship in warehouse.


Fine and delicate aroma with notes of honey and orange blossom, with elegance in the mouth and a smooth and prolonged finish.

NOTE: The image of the article is merely illustrative. It may not match the year or capacity of the wine.

Alcohol Content
75 CL
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