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José Maria da Fonseca Setúbal Moscatel Roxo 20 Years Old


Moscatel Setúbal Roxo 20 Years Old is a dessert wine produced in the Setúbal Region, which was recognized as a demarcated region in 1907. This variety is in danger of extinction, with only one small vineyard in Azeitão.

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It is a purple grape, which has an intense aroma of spices and a concentrated and very fruity palate. This wine is a batch of 4 harvests, in which the youngest harvest is 23 years old and the oldest 80 years old. The stage is made in used wood, since what interests us is the resulting oxidation and not the aroma of wood.


COLOR: Amber with greenish hints

AROMA: Caramel, orange and spices

PALATE: Round, fruity and very smooth

END OF TEST: Very long

VINIFICATION: Fermentation stops with the addition of brandy, and there is a 5-month pellicular maceration.

AGEING: In wooden casks used to increase oxidation. No aging in the bottle is necessary due to the oxidation content of the wine.

METHOD OF SERVING: At a temperature of 16ºC, as an accompaniment to desserts.

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