Titular Red Wine Dão Novon 0.75 LT

Titular Red Wine Dão Novon 0.75 LT


Titular Dão Novo is a wine made using the carbonic maceration technique, a technique that gives rise to wines with sui generis characteristics, with the aromatic expression focused on fresh notes of strawberry and raspberry.

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100% Jaen.


Whole bunches of grapes, harvested on September 18, 2018, initially underwent a carbonic maceration process for 9 days, in an atmosphere saturated with carbonic anhydride, at a temperature of around 38o C. a first enzymatic fermentation inside the berry, the so-called intracellular fermentation, which gives rise to around 1% alcohol, the grapes were transferred to a pneumatic press and subjected to pressing in order to release the must. This must was subjected to alcoholic fermentation in a vat with a temperature control of around 16o C, in which malolactic fermentation was induced, by adding lactic acid bacteria, thus obtaining a wine ready for fining and final filtration before bottling. , which took place on November 8, 2018.


Very expressive aroma of pure fruit where cherry predominates, but also dry forest vegetable notes and exotic spices. In the mouth, fresh and round, light but intense in flavor, it has fresh red fruits, but curiously also white fruit like apricot, in a creamy red, long in the tasting, with a modern profile and with a lot of character.

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Alcohol Content
75 CL

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