Miniature Liqueur Tia Maria 0.05 LT

Miniature Liqueur Tia Maria 0.05 LT


Tia Maria is a Jamaican rum based liqueur flavored with coffee beans.

The legend of Tia Maria dates back to the mid-17th century, when a beautiful young Spanish aristocrat fled the turmoil of the colonial war and took shelter in Jamaica. Her maid, who ran away with her, saved a family treasure: a small jewelry box with black pearl earrings and an ancient manuscript with the recipe for a mysterious liqueur.

The recipe was named after this brave woman: Tia Maria. Tia Maria is an exotic infusion of natural vanilla and the finest fresh coffee roasted to perfection, complemented with a splash of Jamaican rum. Its rich caramel and coffee flavor make this liqueur ideal for mixing in any cocktail that needs an exotic touch of coffee.

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Tia Maria is the coffee liqueur par excellence. It uses Arabica coffee beans from Jamaica, Jamaican white rum and Madagascar vanilla in its composition.

Deep amber in color and golden in color, the coffee's intense aroma opens to pure cocoa, licorice and pipe tobacco, then softens with caramelised notes of sugar cane and vanilla.

Initially sweet in the mouth, it immediately becomes fresh and with moderate acidity, typical of Caribbean Arabica, which cleans the palate and encourages tasting.

Alcohol Content
50 ml
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