Miniature Kahlua Coffee Liqueur 0.05 LT

Miniature Kahlua Coffee Liqueur 0.05 LT

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Kahlua is the most famous coffee liqueur in the world.

Born in Mexico in 1936, the care in its production is so great that it takes seven years for its production.

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The production process begins with the planting of 100% Arabica coffee beans and sugar cane. After reaching the ideal point of growth, it undergoes manual collection, between October and March, of these grains from the Vera Cruz mountain range.

Continues drying and aging, at least for 6 months, these same coffee beans. Later, the sugar cane is also harvested, distilled and aged in barrels to gain a unique flavor.

Then, seven years later, the coffee and sugarcane distillate meet at the Kahlua distillery, where they are combined with vanilla and caramel and bottled in the famous Kahlua bottle, which evokes a typical Mexican villa.

Alcohol Content
50 ml
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