Gin Sharish Original 0.05 LT

Gin Sharish Original 0.05 LT


Part of a base distillation of fresh Esmolfe wild apple. All botanicals are distilled separately and the alcohol levels are later corrected and a blend is made with all the distillates. After that, a post distillation infusion is made with cinnamon and vanilla.

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Started in October 2013, the SHARISH GIN project is a new Portuguese gin and is produced in Alentejo by António Cuco and takes its name from the village of MONSARAZ. Used during the Muslim occupation, the Arabic term “sharish”, means xara or jara, the very Alentejo cistus (Cistus ladanifer).

Thus Mont Sharish would mean Mount erected in an impenetrable thicket of cistus, later originating Monsaraz.

This gin is based on a recipe filled with Portuguese ingredients, from Maçã Bravo de Esmolfe DOP to Alentejo oranges and lemons, passing through fresh Lúcia-Lima, together with the traditional juniper and coriander seed, and is completed with cinnamon, cloves and a soft touch of vanilla.

All these ingredients are distilled separately in a traditional Portuguese still, and then subjected to a final blend.

Alcohol Content
50 ml
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