Bagaceira Velha Adega de Borba 0.70 LT

Bagaceira Velha Adega de Borba 0.70 LT


Bagaceira Velha from Adega da Borba is a clear, topaz-coloured brandy, with an intense aroma of dried fruits, and a very soft, smooth, fruity flavor with hints of spices.

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Vinification: In addition to its notoriety in the production of Alentejo wines, Adega Cooperativa de Borba has a great tradition in the production of brandies, using and selecting traditional grape varieties from the Borba region. The bagasse is the product resulting from the pressing of the vinous masses from the wine making, which are distilled in their own distillation vessels, strictly obeying the temperatures and distillation times, thus guaranteeing the separation of the different alcohols, the authenticity and quality of our spirits. It then ages for about 24 months in wooden barrels, French oak, for final refinement before bottling.

Tasting Notes: Clear appearance, yellow color – topaz-. Intense, fruity aroma characteristic of the region's grape varieties. Soft flavor, with a slight velvety wood, and particularly persistent at the end of the tasting.

Alcohol Content
70 CL

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