Adamvs Old Wine Brandy 0.70 LT

Adamvs Old Wine Brandy 0.70 LT


From the robustness of the classic Bahian wines of the 90's, a blend with ideal physical-chemical and organoleptic characteristics was selected, under the influence of the Baga variety, to create this brandy.

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The joviality of the wine was taken advantage of and a careful distillation began, in a discontinuous copper still, in order to allow the millenary chemical bond between copper and distillation.

Old national oak casks and Allier barrels, of various types of grain and toast, were selected as a resting bed, which were left in a long period of more than 20 years in the old family cellar. Here, all the necessary operations were taken care of so that in the end, like a maestro, everything mirrored perfection.


Its personality is made of distinct color, aromatic complexity, denotes evolution, softness, where aromatic notes of toffee, candied fruit stand out, combined with good notes of cigar boxes, balsamic and roasting, with a pleasant greasiness to the lingual touch, body elegant and with persistent notes that invade the palate. Thus, it presents itself under the ADAMUS banner, genuinely pure, genuinely old, genuinely sublime!

Alcohol Content
70 CL

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