Sugarcane brandy Adamus 0.70 LT

Sugarcane brandy Adamus 0.70 LT


After 4 generations of producing traditional brandies, the time has come to also produce a brandy that combines the best of a traditional brandy, with more modernist details, and without losing the soul of a pure Lusitanian brandy and specifically from Bairrada.

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For production, the best grape pomace from the vinification of the best Baga da Bairrada wines was selected, with the entire process of vinification and maturation being carefully monitored.

Several distillations were carried out, slow and detailed, in copper vases, by direct steam dragging, and the best distillates were selected, both in tasting and analytically in the laboratory.

Tasting Notes: With a fresh and vinous aroma, it has notes of fresh pomace and nuances of grape must, combined with a good floral component (some orange blossom) and dried fruit.

Alcohol Content
70 CL

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