Whiskey MacAllan Rare Cask 0.70 LT

Whiskey MacAllan Rare Cask 0.70 LT


Rare Cask is a superbly well-rounded and distinctive whiskey, showing a dedication to the art of hand-picking European and American oak barrels seasoned with sherry at the perfect point of maturation.

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Macallan Rare Cask Single Malt is a perfectly balanced Scotch whiskey with a rich depth of natural color and complexity of flavor, suitable for all occasions. On the nose soft notes of vanilla and raisins slowly give way to a set of sweet fruits such as apple, lemon and orange. On the palate, the woody, polished and rich profile predominates. Vanilla and chocolate led the finish, along with a background of citrus zest. The mahogany-red color is obtained naturally through prolonged aging in oak barrels.

Alcohol Content
70 CL
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