Whiskey Johnnie Walker Swing 0.70 LT

Whiskey Johnnie Walker Swing 0.70 LT


The Johnnie Walker Swing is a special edition. The most obvious feature is the distinctive bottle that gives the product its name. The irregular bottom on the bottle allows the whiskey to rock back and forth without falling over.

The bottle was originally designed for use on sailing ships so that the bottles would not fall over with the movement of the waves. Inside the bottle is the final blend of Johnnie Walker's grandson, Alexander Walker II, which contains a large percentage of Speyside malts blended with Islay and Northern Highland malts.

The rich golden color will definitely attract you. The scent is complex, yet sweet and approachable. Smooth, sweet, oaky and fruity, this is an excellent addition to the collection of any Johnnie Walker fan or any Scottish drinker in general.

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Tasting Notes: Johnnie Walker Swing has an attractive rich golden color. A sweet and complex nose with caramel, sherry cask and vanilla notes. Flavor of candied citrus and fried smoked potato, sweet and smooth with a lingering finish of rich sherry sweetness. A big, bold flavor, mouth full of slightly roasted texture, like burnt wild honey.

Alcohol Content
70 CL
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