Taylor's Reserve Tawny - Historic...
Taylor's Reserve Tawny - Historic...

Taylor's Reserve Tawny - Historic Bottle 0.75 LT

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In the early 18th century, bottles were hand-blown and bulbous in shape. They could not be poured and were therefore unsuitable for aging wine in the bottle. These bottles were mainly used to transport the wine from the merchant's barrel to the consumer's table.

Because the bottles were expensive, they were reused and often bore the owner's coat of arms or initials. As the 18th century progressed, bottles became taller and more cylindrical. The initial bulbous 'onion' shape gradually evolved into a more elongated bottle, with a straight side and a longer neck.

This limited edition bottle is inspired by the 'cylinder pack' bottle of that period, the immediate predecessor of today's cylindrical wine bottle.

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Deep russet hue in the center with a narrow, brick-colored rim. The ripe, opulent nose opens with a warm aroma of coffee, caramel and dried fruit, with hints of prunes and raisins. Surrounding this rich, smooth core are layers of spicy, woody and nutty aromas, as well as understated floral aromas, giving the wine an intricate, subtle and seductive complexity. In the mouth it is round and dense, with a soft and silky texture. It pairs with delicious toffee and pickled fruit flavors that continue into the long, warm finish. This wine is an impressive demonstration of the traditional art of blending and aging in cask, where each component is perfectly integrated and gives an extra dimension of aroma and flavor.

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