PukkaGin 0.70 LT

PukkaGin 0.70 LT

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Harmoniously conceived with 8 botanicals, they stand out on the palate: hibiscus, ginger, cardamom and orange.

Distilled in small batches in order to obtain better production control, PukkaGin is synonymous with superiority, always in partnership with the best alcohols and botanicals. A gin that does not silence its origins in flavor, presenting a genuine taste, full in its taste.

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Blended with the finest juniper berries, PukkaGin is traditionally distilled nine times in copper vases with steam entrainment. Through this process it is possible to maintain the quality of all the botanicals until the end of the distillation, obtaining a greater benefit in the collection of essential oils, thus reinforcing the quality of the distillate, always preserving the fragrance of all its botanicals.

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