Mozart Gold liqueur 0.50 LT

Mozart Gold liqueur 0.50 LT

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Smooth liquor, produced by mixing two of the most sophisticated types of cocoa in the world.

Fine gourmet chocolate ingredients are used to create a wonderful, syrupy, well-rounded cream liqueur that adds a touch of sweetness to the day and makes the night unforgettable.

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Belgian chocolate, fresh cream and aromatic notes of vanilla and cocoa - this fine blend, together with the special manufacturing process, make this liqueur a unique Austrian specialty.

The Mozart Gold recipe is based on milk chocolate, hazelnut and cherry brandy. During production, cocoa and vanilla are macerated for 30 days in sugarcane distillate, giving rise to the only 100% pure chocolate liquor.

This sophisticated drink is best enjoyed slightly chilled as a chocolate drink, or used to add a touch of elegance to desserts.

It is made from 100% natural ingredients – chocolate, fresh cream and cocoa. It has a complex milk chocolate fragrance with delicate fruit nuances. Full-bodied palate, full of milk chocolate notes, very creamy but also slightly bitter. Light and aromatic finish that takes time.

Alcohol Content
50 CL

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