Kopke Porto Tawny 10 Years 0.75 LT

Kopke Porto Tawny 10 Years 0.75 LT


Kopke 10 years is the result of a careful blending of wines aged for 10 years in oak casks.

Kopke's history is one of exceptional years. These are the years that deserve to be preserved in memory, so that we can relive and celebrate them at any time. When we recover years of history, we recreate another: the approximate average age determines the age at which these Kopke wines are catalogued.

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Hand-picked at their optimum point, the grapes are destemmed, crushed and vinified according to a process that is based on careful maceration with extraction of color, tannins and aromas from the skins, complemented by permanent pumping over during fermentation. This takes place in mills, at a controlled temperature between 28-30ºC, until reaching the desired Baumé degree. At this stage, wine brandy is added (benefit), resulting in a fortified wine. High quality wine, obtained by blending wines from harvests from different years, in order to acquire a complementarity of organoleptic characteristics typical of this style of old Tawny. It ages in wood for variable periods of time, in which the age mentioned on the label corresponds to the approximate average of the ages of the different wines participating in the batch, expressing the character of the wine with regard to the characteristics conferred by aging in cask.


Attractive tawny color with amber halo. Elegant and complex, it has spicy aromas, where dried fruits and elegant notes of wood and honey predominate. Soft and round on the palate, it displays its complexity against a background of intense dried fruit flavours. Excellent finish.

Alcohol Content
75 CL
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