Ginja Espinheira 1L

Ginja Espinheira 1L


Ginja Espinheira, named after a Galician with the same name and who was the first house to sell this drink, in 1840.

The story goes that on the advice of a friar from the Church of Santo António, Espinheira experimented with letting sour cherries ferment in brandy, then adding sugar, water and cinnamon. Reports from the time say that the success was immediate, either because it was a sweet drink or because it was cheap, starting the tradition.

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Tasting Notes: Cherry color, with an intense wild cherry aroma. In the mouth it is creamy, long-lasting, intense with cherry. Liqueur with a unique and unmistakable flavor. Contains sour cherries with pits inside the bottle.

It uses only natural products, without artificial preservatives in its production.

Alcohol Content
1 LT
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