Gancia Prosecco Rosé 0.75 LT

Gancia Prosecco Rosé 0.75 LT


Prosecco Rosé from Glera and Pinot Noir grapes.

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Glera, Pinot Noir




Once the Glera grapes have reached the correct level of maturation, they are harvested and taken to the cellar to be destemmed and pressed. During this process, the must is separated from the skins of the grapes, then cooled and clarified. Yeasts are added to the clarified must in order to start the alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature of 16 to 18 ºC. Once the process is concluded, the temperature of the new wine is reduced to 8 to 12 ºC and, after a few days, the liquid is decanted for the first time, obtaining the Glera base wine. Once the Pinot Noir grapes have reached the correct level of ripeness, they are harvested and taken to the cellar to be pressed and fermented in the skins. Alcoholic fermentation takes place at a temperature of 25ºC and at the end of the process, the pomace is pressed to obtain the pinot noir base wine. The pinot noir base wine is blended with the Glera base wine for the second fermentation. The wine base is filtered, sugar and yeast are added to the liquid for the second fermentation in a sealed tank. Once the desired overpressure is reached, the wine is cooled to -2-0 'C' and matured with yeast. After 60 days, the wine is ready for bottling. Charmat method for slow re-fermentation in large closed vessels for at least 60 days.


Dry, medium acidity, hints of strawberry, pear and raspberry, slightly floral.

Alcohol Content
75 CL
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