Coconut Mangaroca Beat 0.70 LT

Coconut Mangaroca Beat 0.70 LT


Mangaroca Batida de coco is a traditional Brazilian drink made with milk, coconut and alcohol.

The drink is produced according to a typical Brazilian recipe, based on coconut milk.

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The recipe for Mangaroca Batida de Coco is a traditional Brazilian blend, made from coconut milk, alcohol and neutral spirit. The 'Coco hit' means what is actually how it is produced, beaten: the coconut meat is beaten to extract its natural flavor and white juice. This is mixed with milk and distilled from a secret recipe perfected since 1976.

Mangaroca Batida de coco has a pleasant flavor and low alcohol content.

Tasting Notes: Produced with creamy white milk, it has a similar appearance. Aroma of fresh coconut, the key is enhanced and complemented by a hint of dried fruit. With intense flavor, sweet aroma and pure coconut milk, supported by an echo of rum.

Alcohol Content
70 CL
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