Taylor's 1970 Single Harvest 0.75 LT

Taylor's 1970 Single Harvest 0.75 LT

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Of all the Port wine producing houses, Taylor's is the one with one of the largest and oldest reserves of Port wines aged in wood. These reserves include a very rare selection of Single Harvest Port wines.

These Port wines come from a single year and reach their maturity in oak casks, displaying the vintage year on their label.

Taylor's has decided to annually release a limited edition 50 year old Single Harvest Port.

The seventh release in this series is Taylor's Single Harvest from 1970.

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Pale mahogany core surrounded by a broad pale gold maple with subtle olive highlights. On first impression, the wine is ethereal, but it soon begins to unfurl layer after layer of multidimensional aromas. The first to emerge are notes of sawn wood and cigar leaf, on a base of cedar, balsam and citrus. A soft and smooth redolence of marzipan, nuts and coffee follows, with notes of sultana and plum and spicy notes of black pepper and cardamom. Finally, the nose opens into a discreet salty dimension, with roasted and wild herb notes. In the mouth, the wine has a smooth and velvety texture. Rich, dense and sumptuous, it coats the tongue with an opulent and wonderful flavor of coffee and caramel with notes of walnut and candied orange peel, but with a remarkable freshness from the current of lively acidity that runs through the palate until the very long and extraordinary finish. A wonderfully elegant Port wine, finely constituted and beautifully matured, which delivers a wave of rich flavor with every sip.

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