Miniature Gin Beefeater 0.05 LT

Miniature Gin Beefeater 0.05 LT

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Beefeater is one of the only gins in the world that continues to be produced in the heart of London. With a strong juniper character and strong citrus notes, this is the authentic London Dry for those who appreciate the true taste of gin.

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Considered one of the greatest brands in the world, Beefeater Gin is composed of nine ingredients: juniper berry, angelica root, angelica seeds, coriander seeds, licorice, bitter almonds, orris, Seville oranges, and lemon peel.

The aroma starts off mild, but quickly becomes quite warm, with a strong juniper nose, followed by a citrus and spice aroma. In the mouth, notes of juniper dominate, followed by a touch of citrus and spices. It can be consumed with Martini or in cocktails.

Alcohol Content
50 ml

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