Adega Velha Reserva 6 Years 0.50 LT

Adega Velha Reserva 6 Years 0.50 LT

Adega Velha

Adega Velha "Reserva" 6 Years Old, is a Portuguese brandy. Smooth, velvety and very rich in aromas, especially toasted notes of coffee and dried fruit, with light touches of wood.

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Golden in color and limpid in appearance, Adega Velha Reserva presents a young and harmonious bouquet, reminiscent of the aroma of toasted notes of coffee and dried fruit, surrounded by a soft sensation of wood aroma.

Its origin in aromatic and fresh grapes with low alcohol content, from the Demarcated Region of Vinhos Verdes, gives it the smoothness, velvety and aromatic complexity so appreciated in a brandy.

The grapes, selected for their high acidity and low sugar content, are the origin of a light and balanced wine. The wine is subsequently subjected to two slow and careful distillations in a Charentais still, brought from the Cognac region in France.

After the distillation process, the brandy is aged in French oak casks, from the Limousin region, with the final batch having an average age of 6 years of aging.

Alcohol Content
50 CL
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