Porto Royal Oporto Colheita 1976 0.75 LT

Porto Royal Oporto Colheita 1976 0.75 LT


Real Companhia Velha Colheita Ports are the result of the selection of the best grapes from the respective harvests, and which for a minimum period of 7 years age in old oak barrels in the silence of our cellars where they acquire a genuine and distinct aroma, very intense and complex and a fine and velvety proof. Colheita Ports are yet another example of the prestige and quality that characterize Port Wine.

In an alternative style to Vintage, Colheitas are harmonious in aroma, balanced in flavor and persistent in the mouth. This Port thus encapsulates a whole history that reflects the commitment and dedication that Real Companhia Velha invests in producing wines that remain in our memory.

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Alcohol Content
75 CL
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